Do you Travel?

Yes!! Traveling is my favorite. So if this means meeting you in the middle of the Arizona desert or the Colorado Rockies...I'm there! *traveling fees required

How long have you been doing this?

I actually have been dabbling in photography since I was 15! I wouldn't say I was the best back then but I'm a huge believer in personal growth over time! I graduated in 2020 with a BFA in Graphic Design. Being an Art major I really utilized all of the available classes offered to me. One of them being photography. I really gained a lot of knowledge during those semesters that I think got me to where I am today!

How many photos do we get?

This depends on the type of session you choose. Mini sessions are anywhere from 8-10 edited photos where as engagement sessions are 30-40!

How do we get our photos?

After the editing process, I will email you a viewing link of your album. From there you will be able to download your photos and order prints!

Do you retouch photos?

I do occasionally and here's why. Retouching is a very tedious process. I do charge an extra fee if I will be retouching multiple photos. Now if there is a bug that lands on your shoulder (but this is a great photo) I will definitely take that little guy off your shoulder for no cost at all! Hey, we can't control nature! Haha

I cannot crop a person out of one photo and place into another or "facetune" for multiple reasons. But remember I am here for YOU so I will definitely accomodate you in any possible way!

Whats your turn around time?

This also depends on your package. Engagement/Family/ Couple photos can be 2-4 weeks. Weddings are 4-5 weeks and mini sessions are 1-2 weeks!

How do we book you?

You can contact me via email at or dm me on any of my social media platforms (instagram & Facebook). I typically respond in a timely manner, but if some reason I don't always feel free to email!

Can you help us with planning?

Yes! I will be here to assist you with the best time for shooting, outfit choices, and finding a location!

How far out do you book?

At the moment I am booking 2-3 weeks out!

What should we do for an engagement session?

Don't worry about a thing! I will assist you in every way possible. Just let me know what your vision is for the photoshoot, if you're more of a country couple, city couple, stay on the couch all day and eat snacks couple! We will make this the perfect session for you! I want your session to resemble what your relationship is like and for it to be the most authentic!

What should we wear?

I am more than happy to assist you with outfit options once booking the session is completed! I always say to use your best judgment. If you want those cute piggy back pictures try to find an outfit that would accommodate that! If your session is in the middle of might be best to wear something cooler! *I'll bring the waters and Dr. Peppers ;)
If it's in the middle of December or January a heavy coat might be needed but in this case most of us live in Arkansas and we never know what the weather will be like!


I am located in Jonesboro, AR! I am always willing to travel. *message for inquires